About Us

R&J PERFORMANCE COATINGS is North West Texas premier coating specialists. Applying quality protective coatings for over 14 years. Specializing in tough, durable, all-weather coating for firearms and knives along with any items that require protection from the elements.

R&J PERFORMANCE COATINGS team of highly trained professionals has a working dedication to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. R&J PERFORMANCE COATINGS uses only the best products and proven techniques in our protective coating process.

Coating colors include: RED, OD GREEN, ROYAL BLUE, BLACK (GLOSS AND SEMI GLOSS), ORANGE, WHITE, BROWN, TAN, GOLD, GUNMETAL BLUE, and BRUSHED STAINLESS along with our exclusive custom camouflage.

R and J Performance now offers air cure coatngs for temperature sensitive products.